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Here Are Top 3 Facts You Need To Know About Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms

When you think of moving your merchant business online, the first idea to pop up in your mind is enterprise e-commerce platform. For long, you have heard about the statement that the productivity and profitability of your online business anchors on the platform you house it. But the challenge begins once you take your first step – searching an enterprise solution. You come across several articles. Each of them recommending a particular platform.

Also, no agreement on whether you should go for an open source or SaaS platform. Even after consulting reputable e-commerce experts, each of them is offering a different view of the enterprise e-commerce platforms.  This article presents three facts about enterprise e-commerce platforms to enlighten and help you make a sound decision. Here they are:

None of the platforms is 100%

Whether you will consider Shopify plus or Magento enterprise, or else go for open source or SaaS, none of the options is 100%. Each platform has its pros and cons. For instance, if you decide to subscribe to the open source solutions, you must ensure you have some coding knowledge or cash to pay for such services. Otherwise, moving from the first step will be a disaster.

 On the other hand, SaaS platform does not require coding knowledge. However, if you desire to stand out, it will be hard to achieve it on these platforms. You can only use the availed templates and functionalities which might not fit well with your business preferences. Hence, you can affirm that no enterprise e-commerce platform is a 100%.

You need to pay a hosting fee

For you to sell online, your site must be hosted. Regardless of whether you are running a small business or a company online, hosting is not optional. As one of the marketing hypes, SaaS platforms will make you believe that no hosting fee is charged. All you need is to pay the monthly fees, build your store, and start selling immediately. No monkey business. The reality is, part of the charges you pay on your monthly subscriptions are for hosting purpose. So, it is crucial to understand that the hosting fee is universal.

Scalability is essential

Regardless of whether you go for an open source or a SaaS platform, you must ensure it is scalable. The platform you choose must support your enterprise objectives of selling to the globe. It must be ready for changes in the e-commerce arena. As such, scalability should be a priority in your selection affair.

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