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Scalable or affordable e-commerce platforms: how do you pick?

Choosing an e-commerce platform is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. If the choice you make is wrong, you will quickly lose your market edge and business as a whole. On the other hand, if you make the right decision, you will gain more market and in the long run, make more profits.

Why should you scale your business?

In this digital era, more and more scalabbusiness le businesses are being introduced in the market. Having the ability to scale your is an essential element which you should consider. While the move might mean moving into a new market and pumping in some money into your original investment, it is always considered to be positive since it leads to increase in revenue through introduction and retention of new clients. As long as you can expand your customer base without incurring an abnormal increase in overheads, go for the option.

Three e-commerce options for the ambitious and financial responsible investor

It does not matter if you are selling 20 or 100,000 units every month: your online business model should have the same capabilities as those of a physical store. For example, it should have fully functional customer service, accounting, and even inventory management system in place. Needless to say, a good e-commerce platform can quickly bring all these elements together and incorporate them into one slick package. Here are five such options which you should consider.


WooCommerce will allow your business to set up an online store only if it has a WordPress hosted website. This platform is a fully functional shopping-cart plugin with customizable features. Some of the things that make WooCommerce stand out include its pocket-friendly pricing and easy to use features. You can efficiently download and install the software for free.


Primarily considered to be a content management system (CMS), Squarespace will offer you a very affordable and reliable e-commerce platform that comes complete with an integrated accounting via Xero. The platform also provides an upgrade version for ‘when your business grows,’ which goes for $40 per month.


Magento is one of the leading and in no small extent the best e-commerce platforms that are being used by some of the worlds renowned brands around like Burger King, Coca-Cola, and Nestle. The platform prides itself on being the best regarding adaptability and easy to customize. It also is well known for its open source features which efficiently work with different business models.

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